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Installation of Vinyl Graphics

For optimum results, surface temperature should be between 70 F-80 F, as low as 50°F (heating surface first may be required) and as high as 90°F can be used with care. When applying in direct sun light temperatures of surface may be greater; move to shaded area. An indoor location is preferred; this will remove the surface from the outdoor weather conditions such as wind and fluctuating temperatures on surface from solar gains. Do not apply in rain or when dew is on the surface from early morning or late evening hours. When applying graphic to painted surface, make sure paint has properly cured. Failure to do so can remove paint when removing graphic in the future.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean surface with Rapid Tac II and kitchen paper towel. Do not use other cleaners or solvents, nor cloth towels or commercial paper towels.

Step 2

Spray surface again with Rapid Tac II. Be sure to saturate the entire area for graphic. If the graphic touches a dry surface it cannot be removed and repositioned. Lay your graphic face down on a dry surface and peel backing off graphic then place sticky side on wet surface. You may spray adhesive side of graphic only. Do not spray masking side of graphic at this point.

Step 3

Align graphic. Once your satisfied with the location, use squeegee to remove fluid, using a good deal of pressure and working from the center out toward the edges in all directions. Take caution and have patients when working with glass or plastic surfaces, as the graphic may slip.

Step 4

Wait a few minutes (time may vary based on weather conditions). If graphic has masking, saturate it with Rapid Tac II. With light pressure of a squeegee, wipe the solution over masked graphic (this will allow the masking to break the bond between the masking and graphic), then remove the masking pulling from top corner of the masking in a 45 degree angle across the graphic. Wipe with paper towel and your application is complete.

Care and Maintenance after wet application method:

  1. Although the decal is now permanent, it requires several days to completely set up. Avoid scrubbing the area around the decal for at least 5 days. Do Not use a pressure washer, automatic car wash, or wax during this time. (After the decal has set up it is safe to use waxes and automatic car washes).
  2. When washing the decal, do not use scrapers or scrubbing pads on the vinyl. Use caution when scraping ice or snow off of the area around the decal.
  3. Regular auto washing detergents should not harm the vinyl. Avoid using petroleum-based products such as kerosene, gasoline, or bug and tar removers.

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions regarding installation.

Removal of Vinyl Graphics

Step 1

Use a heat gun, heat lamp, or hair dryer to soften the vinyl, then slowly pull the vinyl away from surface at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2

Spray Rapid Remover on the remaining glue residue and let stand for a minute or two.

Step 3

Remove excess glue with plastic squeegee or paper towel. A razor blade (in proper blade holder) may be used on glass surfaces only. Using razor blade on any other surface will cause damage.

Step 4

Saturate a paper towel with Rapid Remover, then use paper towel to wipe away any remaining residue.

Step 5

Rinse area with water.

  Note:  When using Adhesive Remover, follow all labels and directions on container as described by the manufacturer.

The use of razor blades and chemicals can be dangerous and/or harmful to your health if not used properly. Use products as directed by manufacturer.


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